Gifted Educational Mentor and Mentee (GEMM) Program

GEMM ProgramThe Village Foundation will provide a mentoring program for students to improve their academic standing and self-esteem. Mentors and mentees discuss difficulties with school or social relationships, become involved in special school and community projects.

The Mentor and Mentee Program includes topics and information in the following:

  • The power of positive relationships: Mentoring programs in the school and community.
  • Making students’ part of the safe schools solution.
  • Where homeboys feel at home in school.
  • The positive effects of mentoring economically disadvantaged students.
  • Cross-age mentoring program for social skills development.
  • Inner-city youths helping children: After-school programs to promote bonding and reduce risk.
  • Mentoring and tutoring help (MATH) program fights truancy.
  • Mentoring through accessible and authentic opportunities.