Research Program

Research ProgramThe Village Foundation is working in partnership with others schools and community programs to develop an important body of research information about what works — and doesn’t work — in schools, with parents and community engagement designed to address some of the village’s most challenging problems. Through rigorous research in education, employment, welfare reform, housing, and programs for children and youth, The Village Foundation will develop and identify school and community programs that can both improve the lives of students, parents, families and the community and that are a good investment of taxpayer dollars.

At The Village Foundation, we will focus on finding solutions to the problems that confront the poor and underserved students and communities by designing and rigorously evaluating programs in education (from preschool to postsecondary), income and work supports, workforce development, and community development, among other policy realms — all with a goal of improving the lives of low-income families and children. Experimental research designs demonstrate that supplementing the earnings of parents help raise families out of poverty and improve the school performance of young children. Evidence involving thousands of families in multiple studies demonstrating that “making work pay” causes improvements in young children’s school performance.