Starfish Education Programs

Teaching writing to one Starfish at a time

The Village Foundation’s major goal is to fund projects that will focus on increasing the achievement of challenged students. Students from African American, American-Indian/Alaska-Native, Asian, Caucasian, Hispanic, Pacific-Islander, and low socio- economic backgrounds will benefit from the efforts of the foundation. The education development components concentrate on increasing student graduation and curtailing student dropout rates by enhancing stakeholder and partnership support. The Village Foundation will focus on increasing public awareness and school and community educational programs. Additionally, the foundation promotes post secondary education and has in place a College Success Program to assist students to achieve that dream.

The Village Foundation, LJP, including its education programs, is comprised of an all-volunteer staff. Any monies raised or donated go directly into the promotion of education for struggling students and development of resources to engage students seeking post secondary education; inform them on myriad issues of college attendance, including the application process, financial aid, and scholarships; and provide them with a “tool box” to achieve their goals. An estimated 150 students and their families have already benefitted by the foundation’s first year efforts (2011-2012).

Currently, The Village networks family, students, and community by way of:

  • Two annual workshops coordinated in timely ways to meet critical deadlines and provide students with all necessary materials to apply for college, obtain financial aid, and procure scholarships.
  • Supporting other programs financially, logistically and by personal volunteer staffing, including college fairs and organization academic presentations.
  • Distributing information and providing ongoing communication to students about centers and resources, including the Academic Support and Community Center, CSN academic counseling, and Clark County School District.
  • Sharing information about successful software and web-based tutorials.