The Village Foundation, LJP: What About Us?!

VISION STATEMENT: Students First: It takes a Village to Educate a Child.

Mission Statement: The Village Foundation supports the development of positive relationships, academic rigor, educational relevancy, personal responsibility, and mutual respect evidenced by scholarly success for students, their families, and community.

PROGRAM FOCUS: The Village Foundation’s major goal is to collaborate, support, and fund projects that will focus on increasing the achievement of challenged students. Students and families from African American, American-Indian /Alaska-Native, Asian, Caucasian, Hispanic, Pacific-Islander, and low socio-economic backgrounds will benefit from the efforts of the foundation. The education development components concentrate on increasing student graduation and curtailing student dropout rates by enhancing stakeholder and partnership involvement and support. The Village Foundation will focus on increasing public awareness on school and
community educational programs.

The Village Foundation has a health education focus that will teach parents and students about obesity, childcare, proper rest, staying active with healthy exercise, and eating a nutritious and balanced meal. The health education component will provide information to parents and students about the importance of leading a healthier, positive, and active lifestyle to prevent: the harmful risks of type II diabetes, hypertension, high cholesterol, and coronary heart disease that ultimately affect the academic achievement of students.

The Village Foundation provides project support for all students and parents who are academically and economically challenged. This assistance is for parents and students who are from all cultures and races, special needs, gifted, homeless, or physically handicapped.

PROGRAMS INCLUDE: Village Partnership and Community Connection, Village School Educational Program, Village Student Leadership Program, Village Monthly Academic Training, Village Gifted Mentor Training, Village Scholarship Program, Village Research Program, Village Book Club, Village Research Program

STAKEHOLDERS IN THE VILLAGE ARE: Parents, Students, Teachers, Support Service Providers, Support Staff, Administrators, Policy Makers, and Higher Education, Businesses, Community, Religious Communities, and Advisors.

BOARD OF DIRECTORS: Dr. Linda E. Young, President; Dr. Robert L. Green, Director; Rosemary C. Hall, JD, Director; Gayla Miyama, Director; Lynell Lucas, Director; Norma Naranjo, Director; Cheryl Bradford, Esq. Director; Dr. Porter L. Troutman, Jr., Director; and Don Stewart, JD, Advisor to the Board