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The Nonprofit Partner Organization Project(s) & Scholarship(s) Application

Retirement Lunch 2011
The Village Foundation, LJP’s Nonprofit Organization’s Project(s) and Scholarship(s) Program will annually provide partner nonprofit organizations the opportunity to acquire money to achieve their goals. Funds may be generated three (3) ways: (1) donations (2) ticket sales (3) silent auction at The Village Foundation, LJP Virtual Fundraising Banquet on Saturday, March 6, 2021.

The nonprofit partner organization will earn fifty (50) percent of the money generated from the donation category below:

Donation Category Nonprofit Generated Nonprofit Amount
Platinum Starfish $250.00+ $125.00+
Gold Starfish 200.00 100.00
Silver Starfish 100.00 50.00
Bronze Starfish 50.00 25.00
Nickel Starfish 10.00 5.00

The nonprofit partner organization is required to purchase one (1) table ($100 per ticket-10 tickets=$1,000). The Village Foundation, LJP will donate $250.00 back to the nonprofit partner organization’s project(s) and/or scholarship program.

In addition, the nonprofit partner organization will receive fifty (50) percent of the money from item(s) their organization contributed to the event’s Silent Auction. The nonprofit partner organization’s donors may be listed three (3) times in the Program: (1) Starfish Category (2) Community Project and/or Scholarship Section (3) Business Section (if applicable).

To qualify as a Nonprofit Partner Organization with the Village Foundation, LJP, please complete and submit the following:


  1. On or before, Friday, November 27, 2020, submit the Nonprofit Partner Organization Project & Scholarship Application. Include a description of the organization’s community project(s) and/or scholarship program(s).
  2. On or before, Friday, January 15, 2021, purchase at least one (1) table ($100 per ticket-10 tickets=$1,000) for the Village Foundation, LJP’s Fundraising Banquet. The Village Foundation, LJP. will donate $250.00 back to the nonprofit partner organization’s project(s) and/or scholarship program.
  3. On or before, Friday, February 5, 2021, by 11:00 AM, submit donations for the community project(s) and/or scholarship program. Make check(s) payable to: The Village Foundation, LJP.

Download: The Nonprofit Partner Application

Please mail or email the Nonprofit Partner Organization Project & Scholarship Application to:

The Village Foundation, LJP
Rosemary C. Hall, Chair Projects & Scholarship Program
3620 N. Rancho Dr., Suite 116,
Las Vegas, NV 89130

EMAIL: [email protected]