From The Desk of: Dr. Douglas L. Garner

Dr. Douglas Garner

As we navigate through the Covid 19 pandemic and the socio-cultural reckoning, I would like for us to reflect for a moment on how your own background may influence how you may perceive the behavior of others different than yourself. How might your background influence your judgments/prejudices/biases pertaining to individuals different than yourself, (culture, race, gender identity, age, body morphology, socioeconomic status)?

If you are a person of influence, how might your unintentional biases or judgements influence the manner that you conceptualize and engage others who are different than yourself? Or, how might your judgements/biases of others positively or negatively affect the trajectory of an individual’s life?

It is important to understand that we all have biases. It is also extremely important to realize our biases and judgements so we may be able push past the fragility and discomfort of this work. We can develop strategies and behaviors to modify or manage the manner that we conceptualize, engage and respond to individuals different than ourselves…

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